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The best place to hide a dead body is page two of google! ⚰️



Feels like yesterday that everyone was planning big for 2020 and how it’s going to revolutionize the business world and its growth in technological advancements. Then the coronavirus happened and the world shut down overnight. 🦠

The mayhem continued and businesses struggled to meet ends and economies came crashing down. Brick and Mortar businesses were left in a dead-end in most areas with one important exception that grew quite high was “e-commerce.” With everyone quarantined at home, the online marketplace became an essential part of many companies’ survival in the midst of the crisis. 

In an effort to ride out the storm of uncertainty, marketing teams have asked serious questions, such as:

      • “What should we do with our website?”
      • “How can we drive growth if we scale back on media?”
      • “How can we be more efficient with our media spend?”
      • “How can we remain engaged with our consumers?”
      • “What can we do to be ready once things turn around?”

The Internet came to save the day! 🦸

As businesses of all sizes and sectors decided to channel the web to find their way out of misery. A new emphasis began to build around one of the most important digital marketing strategies in existence today:  SEO  “search engine optimization” 🏆


What is SEO? What’s all this big deal about?

Let’s start from scratch, SEO is the process of improving a website in ways that help it rank in search results when users search for specific words and phrases. If you’re not sure why this matters, just think about how you normally find the information you need during your everyday life. What do you do if you are looking for a place to buy a car? Where would you look if you wanted to buy furniture? Where would you search if you want to buy a swimsuit? If you’re like a “normal” human being, you’d reach for your smartphone or sit down at your computer and type a simple phrase on Queen G -“Google.” 👑

You’d search “car auctions Sri Lanka,” or “Swim Shops in Sri Lanka ” Then, you’d scroll through the results and click on a site that lands on page #1. 🎯

Some examples of our clients who have rock-solid SEO

Now, these businesses have nailed their SEO practices because they rank right on top of the page, and would steal customers’ from their competitors in a heartbeat! 

What would your website or shopping cart be without SEO?

Quite honestly dead! And we’re not exaggerating…

Without SEO, it’s hard to say how we would ever find websites, businesses, or the information we seek on a daily basis. It’s like your web platform would exist, but irrelevant because no one will find you unless they search you up directly by name Well is that enough? Don’t you want to drive more leads, traffic to your site and outdo your competition?

Therefore remember, “Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”

So get in touch with us today on 0777 555 832 / 0777 584 900 and we’ll help you get on that page #1 👊💯✔️