Name of the PackageVCPURAMSSDTRAFFICPrice
Intel 1 Core12 GB20 GB (NVMe SSD)10TB$20.00 /mo
Amd 2 Core12 GB40 GB (NVMe SSD)10TB$25.00 /mo
Intel 2 Core24 GB40 GB (NVMe SSD)10TB$30.00 /mo
Amd 3 Core34 GB80 GB (NVMe SSD)20TB$40.00 /mo
Intel 2 Core28 GB80 GB (NVMe SSD)20TB$50.00 /mo
Amd 4 Core48 GB160 GB (NVMe SSD)20TB$75.00 /mo
Intel 4 core416 GB160 GB (NVMe SSD)20TB$95.00 /mo
Amd 8 core816 GB240 GB (NVMe SSD)20TB$135.00 /mo
Intel 8 core832 GB240 GB (NVMe SSD)20TB$175.00 /mo
Amd 16 core1632 GB360 GB (NVMe SSD)20TB$295.00 /mo
Intel: Balanced amount of CPU and RAM based on Intel® Xeon® Gold processors
AMD: Optimized for CPU performance based on AMD EPYC 2nd Gen processors