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Reliable email service provider weblook email

Looking for a reliable secure email with more space? Stop your search now! Weblook email facilitates you a secure email with extra space and has additional features which add “ Easy” to your life!

Before talking about our product, let’s look at a scenario…

Imagine you are meeting a prospective client about a new business development project. The meeting goes fantastic and you realize you are about to close the deal with this client.

(It’s all about professionalism so far..)

 The client asks you for your email address so he can send you the deal-closing contract. 

You gotta walk the talk if you mean business…

While both are valid email addresses, they would bring about completely different responses. When you are trying to close a deal and talk money, a gmail.com just doesn’t cut it. 

A custom domain email address might actually land you that business.

-Argument closed-

weblook email

Now let’s talk about what we’ve got to offer!

Weblook Email Features for Users

Email Archieve

Weblook Client

Group Chat

Team Spaces

Video Conferencing

From 2GB Up to 500GB Storage

365 Days Support





Desktop Client


Remote Management

Multi Language

Email Security Features


Intrusion Detection

Spam Filter

Weblook Email Additional Security Features

Access Restrictions
by IP Address

DOS Attack Prevention

Brute Force Detection

Active Directory

Email Harvest
Attack Detection

Support POP3, IMAP, SSL, TLS

Events System

Password Policy Enforcement

Content Filtering

Email Archive

Legally compliant, fully automated, and audit-proof email archive. For long-term, unchangeable and secure storage of important company information, data files, and email tracking.

Email is the most widely used and relevant communication tool on the Internet. Electronic exchange of sensitive data and files is an efficient and quick way for companies to communicate. Secure and reliable storage is also essential for later access to important information. A fully automatic and secure email archive can be an enormous relief from the burden on company productivity that comes from this need to correctly store all that data and email tracking.

Why does a company need a cloud-based email archive?

Retrieval and recovery of archived emails

If a user’s emails are accidentally deleted from the mail server, they can be restored from the email archive at any time. (Inbox/Sent Folder)

Fully automated and 100% secure cloud archiving

Automatic archiving of all incoming and outgoing email messages eliminates the need for administrators to perform archive-related tasks. In the cloud, all data is stored securely, unalterably and completely.

Automatic archiving: unaltered and unalterable

All incoming and outgoing emails are stored automatically and in their original form in our data centres immediately upon arrival and dispatch. They cannot be edited or deleted before the set retention period has expired.

Personal Archive access

Enable employees to access their historical email with the Personal Archive. And also enable email tracking.

Message directionality

See the direction of each message, including whether it was sent internally or externally and if it was an inbound or outbound message. Email tracking is crucial for the functionality of a business and gives the employer total control.

Identity integrations

Leverage automated identity management tools to manage profiles across all archived communications.

Business Email Packages

Corporate & Developer Emails

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