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Food ordering system

Is Uber Eats charging too much commission on your orders? Why not get your very own Food Ordering System and stop sharing your revenue? $$$

Food Ordering Websites on the Rise Due to COVID-19 Lockdown

Since dine-in is no longer an option for many, consumers are turning to delivery to treat themselves during the days of social distancing. Go beyond the limits, combine the process of managing and tracking online food ordering systems to reduce the cost of your business operation.

With our Mobile App, restaurant owners can check activities in real-time on the go from anywhere.

Reimagine the way you run your business. Smart technology for convenience and smart entrepreneurship!

food ordering system

Why your business needs an Online Food Ordering System?

A factor driving demand for food delivery services is the increased number of restaurants offering home delivery. Since social-distancing measures forced restaurants and bars to close, many have switched to delivery to stay afloat during the pandemic. Take control of your food ordering system. Go beyond the limits, combine the process of managing and tracking food orders to reduce the cost of your business operation.
food ordering system

Our Food Ordering system is a multi-restaurant / store online ordering solution: web-based and also comes with a mobile app.

User-friendly interface and backend to manage your site and orders.

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Restaurant Dashboard
  • Customer Application
  • Delivery Application

Multi- App Solutions:

  • Store App
  • Customer App
  • Delivery Personnel App
food ordering system

Mobile App Other Features


Push Notification for New Orders for Store Owners


Alerts System for missed notifications & Custom Notifications


Delivery & Self Pickup options


Store Commission and Payout System


In-App Notification for push-notification subscribers


Unlimited Add-ons and product customization.


Multiple order placing functionality


Order Cancellation/Rejection & Wallet System


Google Distance Matrix API for Dynamic Delivery Charges


Live Order Tracking


Social Login and OTP Registration

food ordering system

Customizable Food Ordering System

The food ordering system enables a way to uncover the potential of online food delivery. With a wide range of features, restaurant owners can affordably accept and deliver food orders immensely using the branded food ordering website and mobile apps.

A Food Ordering System that links with your Social Media

Engaging with potential customers on Facebook is the right step towards gaining more online exposure. Add a smart link to receive orders & start selling your foods straight on your business page. All in less than one minute. Neat, right?

 Business Owner Features for Food Ordering System

Customized Portal

Designed as per the requirements

Menu management

Allows owners to update their menu, the feature images and the price of each menu item

Order management

Allows owners to control all online orders and calculate revenue

Promotion management

This function helps managers set up promotion/discount programs to attract customers


Allows owners to check customer reviews to improve product and service quality

Payment function

Allows to choose Bank card or cash on delivery


Integrated as a quick call and online customer support function

Delivery status

Summarizes all orders from beginning to end

Customer Features

Login function

Allows users to log in through social media like Facebook or by using their email

Account management

Similar to other social media channels, the system allows a user to manage their account information with some basic functions such as updating passwords, personal information,delivery address, etc.

My Favourites

Allows customers to shortlist their favourite dishes

Referral function

Allows users to add their friends’ contacts to their list and make recommendations while using the app upon which they get a discount


 This function can search and filter restaurants and make suggestions based on a type of food, price range,, etc.

Quick Search

Allows users to find a dish filtered by keywords


Users can use this function to directly chat with restaurant owner for support or perhaps to provide immediate feedback regarding their food or service

My Cart

Typical “cart” or “basket” function where customers can review and place their order

Promotion Code

Allows customers to redeem coupons, enter discount codes, and find current promotions


Provides a space for users to share ideas and opinions

Delivery location

Provides entry fields for customers’ delivery address

Payment Method

This includes some supported functions that allow users to use various payment methods including cash & credit card

food ordering system
Manage Your Order

Get the orders straight to your hands! 

Bring your restaurant to your customers! No more wasting time checking for latest orders or missing out important order updates in the system, Weblook food ordering system will physically print out the latest orders and give it to your hands. Got a website already? We will integrate the online food ordering system to your existing website

One time investment and lifetime of free updates and support, ensuring you are never out dated and never out of the game.

food ordering system
food ordering system

Are you are a 3rd party wishes to be the centre of online ordering?


Combine menus, add options and remove certain dishes that do not suit their taste buds.


Integrated marketing tools, to engage, captivate and grow your audience, feeding them reasons to keep coming back for more.


Feeling hungry while scrolling up & down on FB? Chase is it away by just one click!!


Offer your customers the facility to order the same kind of food without straining themselves to select again.


Not a fan of online payments? We give you the option of payment on delivery too!

Turn your customers into foodies

Have you ever wondered about how to own your very own food ordering system? You can be the next to run a successful food delivery business with our powerful online food ordering software. Our food ordering system connects the restaurant with its hungry customers. Let the foodies find their nearby restaurants to place orders seamlessly.