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Hotel Reservation System

Post COVID-19: The New Guest Experience
Creating a roadmap to recovery…

COVID-19 has victimised all industries across the globe, however the hotel industry is among the hardest hit. Our research suggests that recovery to pre-COVID-19 levels could take until 2023, or later.We do not intend to sugar coat the situation to market our product instead we are here to face the bitter truth, yet tackle Covid-19 on our own terms responsibly!

Surviving the Covid-19 hit.

In times such as now, most hotels consider complete or temporary shutdown, staff layoffs and other cost cutting measures. Thinking of a new marketing plan or a platform to advertise isn’t a priority for many. But let us be frank , it’s like turning a blind eye to doomsday around the corner!

Together we can reset for growth beyond coronavirus. 

Our world is full of screens. We keep them in our hands, purses and pockets, next to our beds while we sleep, and surround ourselves with screens on our desks and countertops. Wired. We now live in a digital era where everything is available instantaneously. So where would a customer go when they want to book a hotel? Google of course. And then you need to make sure you land right on top. Our Hotel Reservation System will do just that

hotel reservation system
hotel reservation system
hotel reservation system

Why choose roomitra Hotel Reservation System


FREE Registration (Ideal for times like this…)


NO Monthly fees (No commitment…)


Free Advertising and Marketing


Content controls at your fingertips


User-friendly control of the reservation system

Safe payment in LKR or USD

A corporate, head office in central Colombo


Real-time booking and instant reservation confirmation


Hotel support and customer support service 24/7


Consultancy about your target market and specifications


Easy Accessibility for you and your clients


A highly motivated team of individuals to answer your inquiries

Accessible, Convenient & Managable


Onetime payment and a lifetime of free updates, improving performance every step of the way! It’s an online booking experience like no other that integrates seamlessly with your website. Our innovative online hotel reservation system will make it extremely easy to manage your pricing and distribution strategy on a daily basis. You own the system! That’s right, unlike other third party application and softwares, you can brand Weblook Hotel Reservation System, as your own.

Increased Reservations

Increase direct reservations by removing third party.

Compatible With Smartphones And Tablets

Your guests are able to book online through their mobile devices.

Multiple Currency

Invite the majority to make the budgetary decision using their own currency.

Multiple Room Booking

Customers are able to book multiple reservations at the same time.

Manage Multiple Rate Plans

Manage multiple rate plans for a particular season or any duration.

Visitors Statistic

Get complete graphical summary regarding reservation, revenue etc. from the system dashboard.

Multiple Property Management

Maintain and manage more than one property through one system.

Per Day Allocation

Manage rooms of a particular day, week season or any duration.


Offer guests to select extras services such as airport pick-up, Wi-fi, etc, as they require.

Schedule Promotions

Able to present your customers with offers for a given date and time period.

User Friendly

Enables visitors to reserve easily with four simple steps using real- time calendar view.

Inventory Management

Maintain and manage inventory and reservation all under one system.

Multiple Ipg Support

You can activate more than one payment gateways at a time, through the banks you want.

Special Offers

Implement your marketing strategies and see them convert instantly.

Payment Rules

Your guests can pay a specific percentage initially which would be decided by you.

What more does our Hotel Reservation System we offer?


We have no registration fees or monthly fees involved. If the customer makes an online booking through our website, we charge 10% of the total booking fee. If the customer clicks on the roomitra.com logo on your website and accesses our website, we charge 7.5% of the total booking fee.

Hotelier Panel

Manage your data your way!

We are 100% transparent and the information you enter is only for the sole purpose of bringing you more traffic from our website, thereby enhancing your status among the public. Display the availability of your hotel using Room Control on the hotelier panel.

Guarantees for all bookings made through our Hotel Reservation System. 

Hotel Browsing Options

We want customers to book a hotel without any confusion. Therefore we list hotels by the following options on the homepage.

  • By Property Type- eg: Hotels, Apartments, Resorts, Villas, Cabins, etc
  • By Destination – eg: Colombo, Kandy, Galle, etc
  • By Experience- Beach Holidays, Romantic Getaways, Adventure, etc

Loyalty Program

Bookings is our religion (and it should be), the product you are selling should carry your faith. It’s the first step in sales psychology. Turn a Customer into an ongoing Client.

A Points program that earns customers’ savings approaches the customers in a way that creates loyalty – more reservations, more points they earn and more special offers they get. 

Now that’s Relationship selling!

Customer Accounts

Customers can sign up for a free account. This facility allows customers to record all their bookings in a customer portal. They can also access more offers, gain loyalty points, and free subscription to newsletter. The Customer Account also allows the database to securely store details therefore users do not have to enter details several times as information and payment card details are stored. Customers can also allow free notifications via email when there are price reductions on interested hotels.

Featured Advertisements

Special paid promotional spaces on websites to advertise Hotel deals and offers. These spaces are designed to grasp viewers attention therefore they are more visible.

Your Policy is Our Policy

Since it’s your premises that the customer will be heading to, we present the customer your terms and conditions with regards to the following policies. 

Cancellation Policy, Temporary Cancellation Policy, Refund Policy

Guest Payments

Guests can make direct payments to the Hotel Reservation System Online using:

The Hotel and the guests will receive a confirmation voucher from the Hotel Reservation System, with all the relevant booking details.

Multiple Language Access

Roomitra is designed to provide customers  all over the globe the satisfaction they expect when booking a hotel. Therefore we understand that language is no barrier when it comes to travel! Our website can be accessed in several languages such as English, Chinese, French, Spanish.

Newsletter Subscription

When customers visit Roomitra, we give them the option to subscribe to our regular Hotels & Travel E-Newsletter (via email). Our registered hotels will be featured on this newsletter at no cost! We will advertise your hotel’s current promotions and offers to loyal customers.. We also engage in research and are passionate about this newsletter and it will feature free articles about current trends in travels, hotels and other related topics that interest customers.

Hotel Ratings & Reviews

Venues registered will be reviewed and rated at the end of a booking by the customer. We will send an email to clients after a hotel stay to rate the overall experience. This allows customers to express their thoughts and share their experience with other potential customers. This also enables Hotel ratings on your portfolio to gain customer trust.

Eliminate Overbooking By Managing Rooms And Rates At One Place

Channel Manager Integration


The Channel Manager At Roomitra Will Instantly Update And Manage Rates, Room Inventory, Events Calendar And Informative Content, Thereby Save You A Plenty Of Time.

Our tool will synchronise with other booking channels and update the availability and rate with real-time automation and shows the real count live.

Hotel Reservation System Design & Development


First Impression- In these first few seconds, you want to make a positive impact on your audience.If they don’t find our website appealing, which deters them from our page. You’ll miss out on leads because they’ll leave your page for a competitor’s page. Web design is important because it impacts how your audience perceives your brand. Hotel Reservation System is designed to grasp viewers attention and showcase properties attractively on the platform.


Rock Solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – This is one thing we cannot afford to mess up. If the page SEO fundamentals are not up to snuff, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle for visibility from the start. Therefore we’ve taken that burden off you, as Hotel Reservation Systems content and keywords will make sure we land on the top of search engine pages.


Responsive Design – Hotel Reservation Systems is designed to provide your audience a positive experience. They can access the site from a multitude of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.


Call to Action Buttons –  Hotel reservation system has several user-friendly enhancements to ensure customers overall experience the booking process a breeze!

  • Click to Call- Customers can call our customer service center via the website without a phone from across the globe.
  • Digital Chat – Customers can chat and inquire and one of our friendly team members will provide them with all your up to date information.
Comparison with our competitors

Why should you choose our Hotel reservation system?

We are aware that we have some strong competitors in the hotel reservation industry. They have been operating for a longer time and their insights and reach is strong. Therefore what makes us stand out? 


Hotel reservation system has been implemented and designed specifically to accommodate the new Covid-19 era


Our strategies have been developed to focus on how the Hotel Industry could be marketed to serve this recession and secure future bookings.


Our venues are Covid-19 Health & Safety Standards Certified.


We understand that businesses are focusing on cutting costs, therefore we do not have registrations fees or monthly subscription fees.


Our  fees are the most competitive in the market .10% of bookings only, 8% if booking is made via the Roomitra badge on the Hotel website. 


We provide free advertising of offers and deals via Hotel reservation system newsletter and notification subscription service.


Our Clientele

Affordable Reservation system at difficult times, Prices as Slow, As



Hotels must take destiny into their own hands. The road to recovery is going to be a long and hard one!

So let us get started today with our Hotel reservation system