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Conveying Mission Critical

Worldwide Communications

Weblook’s Cloud PBX System gives prevalent

inclusion across nations empowering you to associate with clients whenever, wherever!

Cloud Private Branch Exchange

What is Cloud PBX? If you are wondering….

telecom system
Cloud PBX stands for ” Cloud Private Branch Exchange”.
A Cloud PBX splits one main office phone number into several extensions. For instance, when someone calls an office and is told “Press 1 for Accounts, press 2 for Support”, that caller is interacting with the Cloud PBX, and that Cloud PBX is going to connect his or her call to Accounts or Support.
telecom system
telecom system

Boosts sales! Quality Customer Service!

Website visitors can call for help in real-time with Cloud PBX

Customers want real-time clarification and confirmation when they make important choices, purchases, or decisions. They want to speak with someone while browsing your website to answer a quick question before they commit. Our Cloud PBX system is just the right fit for you! Website visitors can directly via the website, and one of your service agents can assist them with their inquiries.

Working Remotely? Why does my business need a Cloud PBX?

Working from home used to be an option solely for a start-up business that found it challenging to afford leases for serviced offices. Now, however, remote working has been pushed as an effective measure for business continuity amidst critical work environment changes. Though the transition from working from the office to working from home is made easy thanks to technological advancements, how does one ensure that their remote workforce stays connected?

The answer is Cloud PBX Systems! So, how can you take advantage of this technology to connect your remote workforce?

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Benefits of a Cloud PBX Phone System

For businesses, Cloud PBX systems decrease substantial maintenance costs and subsequently increase flexibility for growth and productivity. A Cloud PBX phone system decrease costs by pairing more digital and wireless features with less equipment, software, and maintenance. In addition, a Cloud PBX system is scalable and user-friendly for easy configuration.

Specific benefits of a PBX phone system:

Easy install and configuration: Compared to traditional phone systems that need a trained installer, a Cloud PBX system can be installed by anyone who knows how to install a software program.


User-friendly web configuration interface: This phone system has a web-based interface for easy maintenance and customization.


Significant cost savings: You can save substantially by using a VoIP service provider for long-distance or international calls. Easily connect phone systems between offices/branches and make free phone calls.


Business-rich features like call forwarding, call conferencing, call queues, voicemail, and auto attendant.

Main Features

Web-based technologies such as this allow businesses of any size to have an even playing field across industries now more than ever before.

Main Business Number



Automated Directory

Ring Groups

Call Queuing

Music/Info On Hold

Device Manager

Real-Time Monitor

Call Recording

Customizable Greetings

Valet Parking

Call Forwarding

Feature Codes

Direct Inward Dial (DID)

Reach Your Target

Migrate to our PBX System

Travel & Hospitality

Deliver a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Guest Experience!
As countries around the world begin to welcome back travelers, having a modern global communications platform that can scale as you grow is critical. Our Cloud PBX helps travel and hospitality brands seamlessly connect with their guests around the world leveraging a feature-rich platform to personalize each customer experience. No matter where your guest is located, our system will connect you in a breeze!

Retail & E-Commerce
Turn shoppers into repeat customers!
Helping retail and e-commerce brands increase customer loyalty with voice, messaging and contact centre all within one communications platform. From local dialling to increase customer engagement, intelligent routing to connect your shoppers to the right representative and SMS messaging to meet your customers where they’re at makes it easy to modernize your business communications.
If your business is a BPO, a third-party contact centre or simply a business services provider we know what’s most important – taking care of your customers’ customers. We also know that representing multiple companies in different industries requires a reliable global communications platform to help drive client success. Weblook empowers BPOs to modernize their communications, with robust virtual number inventory and feature-rich technology that allows you to operate more efficiently, increase the quality of every interaction and create new pathways to profitability.

Healthcare organizations experience a heavy influx of patient calls and appointments and therefore are under constant pressure to have a streamlined communication method to make sure patients are having safe and secure conversations, as well as making sure the technology is capable of handling high call volumes. Therefore, patient care and satisfaction are at stake, and medical facilities can’t afford miscommunication. Ensure all patient communications are confidential, clear, and routed to the correct medical professional with Virtual Cloud PBX.

Education & Institutes
As an education organisation, you understand the importance of having a quality method to communicate with your team and your students/parents. With our advanced features, you can rest easy that Virtual Cloud PBX offers a school communication system that will keep your school running without any mishaps. What’s more? For teachers on the go at school or from home remotely, you can stay connected with features like Call Forwarding and Device Manager to receive calls no matter where you are.

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