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shopping cart software

Shopping cart software

Covid 19, Curfew, Quarantine or not!
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and 11’11 still hit town.
The Digital E-Commerce game goes on!

Recent events have undoubtedly set the record for E-Commerce. So, how can small and medium businesses take a page from the big guns playbooks?
The popularity of eCommerce did not just hit town, it has been there always. The big players such as Alibaba, Asos, DHGate, and many more and others dominated online shopping cart softwares.
Now it’s time for your business to move up the ladder and build your online empire!

“Add To Cart ,” frenzy it’s basically a sport! Get Weblook Shopping Cart Software today!

Savvy online shopping is the unofficial sport for the person who’s not athletic. That’s true for retailers too, they’re competing against each other and they’re all trying to win.For entrepreneurs of the millennium and the years to come, e-commerce has accelerated the roadmap from running a single store to an online global giant. Plus, with the increasing use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other portable devices, an e-commerce website is immensely beneficial for your marketing and branding. Additionally, in current pandemic times,
where social distance is vital, online businesses can operate from the safety of your home. So, no unnecessary store space or arrangements for employees’ workspaces, saving you time and money. That said if you want to know more about Shopping Cart Software you’re in the right place!

Shopping Cart Software

Launch your online store today and don’t get left behind.
The days of the brick and mortar stores are history.
Shopping carts are the new black this season!

User-friendly and mobile friendly e-commerce website

You need to ensure that the online shopping experience must not only be user-friendly but also mobile-friendly if you want to ensure an optimized purchasing experience on mobile devices of varied sizes.

Powerful built-in SEO features

Guaranteed to rank higher than your competitors. Our shopping cart software will do much of the guesswork out of SEO by building top in line SEO tools directly into your platform.

Customized Platforms

The Shopping cart Software offers flexible designs to create the ideal layout for your business. You can choose colors, fonts, and layout elements that make the most sense for retail, restaurants, and services.

Secure Payments

Accept payments online through a secure payment gateway. Accept all major cards and get transfers as fast as the next business day, with our trusted partners.

Ever wondered whether E-commerce is no longer a strategy but a necessity?

in 2021, it’s estimated that out of an estimated global population of 8 billion people, 25% of them will be global digital buyers

Now that said, What are the possibilities Ecommerce can bring to your business?


Business expansion beyond borders and reach a global market


Business efficiency


Business growth


Improve convenience for customers


A wider range of customers who may currently not be able to access your products physically


Prepare for the biggest exposure

Cartinno is a revolutionary shopping cart solution that has crossed the untapped potentials in the world of e-commerce. Researching extensively on patterns and behavioural patterns, we have designed and coded each element of the cart, making it one of the most user-friendly carts in the present market.

Take the short tour on to our unique product, and prepare for an inevitable success that is inevitable.


Advanced solutions beyond a basic cart

Sell with Facebook & Instagram

It’s time to turn up your social game !
What if you could engage your customers on Facebook, not just on a social level,but on a shopping one too?

Retail & Wholesale Pricing Factor

Fuel your business goals of evolving into a large scale provider by moving into a Reseller Module.

Referral Network

A program that really pays..!
And when they sign up through your link, we’ll send you a lifetime commission. That’s a bargain!
For as long as they keep their account, you will continue to earn!

Branch Network Module

This is for Businesses with two or more stores they operate.
Our advanced featured shopping cart will enable you to function efficiently


Our Clientele


How does a shopping cart software work?

It can work as an addition to your website to allow visitors to purchase your products or services online, or it could work as an all-in-one website and online store as well. options are limitless!

What payment providers are supported to accept credit cards?

Weblook shopping cart software is flexible to connect to any payment solutions provider preferred by the client  including Paypal, Visa,Mastercard,Amex,Diners, Debit and even cash on delivery options available.

I’m already using another shopping cart, how can i switch to weblook cart?

No matter what ecommerce software you’re using, we’ve made it easy to migrate your store to cartino. we handle the transfer process quickly and seamlessly without losing your store data and we handle the hard part so you will be hassle free! and all ready to run your e store 🙂

What are the advanced solutions listed on the site and how are they implemented?

The additional modules listed are:

  • sell with facebook & instagram
  • retail & wholesale pricing factor
  • referral network
  • branch network module

these modules are add ons to further customize your store as per your requirement with more features.they plug-ins, that integrates seamlessly on your shopping cart and adds features and functionality to your front and back office.

Are you mobile friendly?

In this age, most of the offers are received by customers on their smartphones, and a  customer motivated by the lucrative offer makes the impulsive purchase on  the smartphone itself. The ease of using your shopping cart on a mobile device would make all the difference in such circumstances. Our Shopping cart software accommodates all screen sizes and devices are very swift and easy to use as a mobile application and provide a great experience.

Is weblook cart expensive?

Our cart is affordable. We cater to all business sizes and requirements. Therefore we have an affordable standard cart and more additional features and extensive designing can be customized as per customers’ needs to build up a more customized shopping cart software. We are flexible!

How many products can we list?

The good news is our carts do not have a product limit. you can list as many products as you wish and it all depends on the storage space you choose.

Mobile App + E-Commerce Website + Facebook Shop + Instagram Shop = More Sales!!

50% off

The E Commerce Revolution is taking over the Traditional Retail Industry, do not get left behind.

 Get your Shopping Cart Software Today!