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Reasons to give up on Uber Eats and build your own restaurant platform/app today

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused considerable damage to many businesses. The restaurant industry is not an exception. Measures of social distancing and general caution in public places mean people are dining out less and less. 

While some restaurant chains try to adopt takeaway meals, others see their future partnering with third-party delivery services, including UberEats, PickMe, etc. But, instead of profit increase, restaurant owners are facing unfair commissions and low margins. Let’s find out why food delivery platforms are not the best choice and how you can benefit from developing your own restaurant ordering mobile app. 

What is wrong with UberEats and other third-party food delivery providers?

The vital thing restaurant owners ignore when dealing with on-demand food delivery providers is that such platforms aim to earn their own profit and do not care about yours. You can see it not only in additional commissions but in all elements of such a partnership. Here are the main reasons why restaurant owners stop dealing with food delivery platforms. 

High commission 

To make your restaurant appear on UberEats, you must pay a one-time Activation fee for ordering a software install. But that is not all. Then, you must pay a 15% service fee of the final customer check to the platform for payment processing, customer support, and marketing services. In this case, your restaurant couriers deliver orders. If you want orders delivered by UberEats couriers, you must pay an additional 15% delivery fee for each order received. 

Small margin 

So, why don’t restaurant owners just add 30% to the meal cost and receive the same profit as an offline restaurant has? Meal delivery platforms have strict pricing policies. All your dishes must be of the same price as on your menu. Thus, you receive 15-30% less margin just because of partnering with delivery services. 

Unreliable delivery 

The platform’s 15% delivery fee you pay does not guarantee that the courier will deliver the order without damage. Also, there are cases when couriers have open ordered food and tasted it. 

Lack of control

Food delivery marketplaces bring new customers. But such customers wouldn’t order food from your restaurant regularly.  All customer details you might use for your marketing campaigns are stored in the delivery’s platform databases. Thus, you can’t use them for building loyalty. 

Now, let’s compare how having your own restaurant app is different from dealing with on-demand food delivery services. 

What would you gain from owning a restaurant ordering app/platform?


As we said, food delivery platforms charge from 15% to 30% for their services. 

Now, let’s imagine you decided to invest money into a mobile ordering app/platform for your restaurant.  Once your restaurant app is up and running, you no longer need to pay third-party delivery providers. With a mobile food ordering application, you receive a new sales channel to increase delivery orders from mobile users. 


If your restaurant already has loyal customers, you can expect them to order from your restaurant. The main goal of food ordering services is to provide buyers with a variety of meals, not building customer loyalty or increasing the retention rate of a particular restaurant. When owning a mobile food ordering app, you store personal customer info in your database. Thus, you receive a powerful tool for building a community of loyal customers around your restaurant. 

If your restaurant already has loyalty programs, you benefit in several ways. You can announce your mobile ordering app’s launch and get the first app users. 


Restaurant ordering apps are also an effective marketing channel for restaurants. You can send push notifications to inform app users about new dishes, special offers, and birthday discounts, thus, build customer loyalty. 

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